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Aug 12


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Feb 21

2,000,000,000,000% DONE

Seriously, all the young bears and chubs my age that live around me (save for two of them in the entire North region of the county I live in) are nothing but a bunch of hapless, narcisstic, selfish, horny, insensitive ASSHOLES. All they do is use and abuse and play games. Why can’t they be honest and true with their intentions? They’re no different than women and that’s saying something.
It’s people like me that are left with nothing but a ton of regrets and a skewed vision of how I see guys now…as if I have nothing to offer them that’s interesting or worth keeping, I’m nothing but a demo display to play with for a while and then leave - even when they say they’ll return. And then the ones who “develop” a friendship with me make some bullshit excuse like “I’m a terrible friend” or “My grandma died” and then can’t talk to me - when they’re clearly lying and then I have to find out in a roundabout way…

They never know what they want, and I know EXACTLY what I’m looking for. Most of them lie, and if there isn’t one MY AGE that doesn’t aside from myself, I’d be DAMNED. It’s a different deal with the ones I know that are distant from me, and while basic communication exists, any other extension is moot. It’s like everywhere I go, I crash into a wall of rejection or an impasse.

Life hates me and so do people my age.


Oct 19

From Wallflower to Bachelor

The beginning of this week, I was someone who dealt with such pain and shaky relationships with guys, feeling terrible about how I cussed them out and them hurting my heart. One Growlr later, and in my area I’M WANTED. Grrwl, looks like I’m going to have a hard time choosing because all these bears/chubs/cubs that want me are so cute/hot/sexy…all this attention…all this attraction…

I don’t even know what to do with myself -faints-

Oct 17

I love Pokemon and this picture is just absolutely perfect!! Love my BEARS!!!

I love Pokemon and this picture is just absolutely perfect!! Love my BEARS!!!

Oct 13

I need my own room. I don’t have my own room. Without my own room and security, I’m nothing…

Sep 30